Purchase Artwork

Contact to Order:

If you are interested in ordering a gallery print, please contact me below.  In your email, provide the title of the print you hope to purchase and I will respond with dimensions, pricing, and printing options.


Included with Purchase:

1. Each print will arrive signed and dated.

2. No image will ever be printed more than 50 times.  Each print therefore received a designated series number (for example: 12/50 = 12th print of 50 total) written next to the signature.  The first print in each series (1/50) is unavailable unless specially requested.  Normally I save the first print of each series for my personal collection, but depending on the print, I may be willing to sell.

3. Each image includes a custom write-up describing the subject, location, and circumstances in which the image was taken.  This description will also be signed.

Dimensions Available:

Each image has custom dimensions.  Upon receiving your email, I will respond by providing you with a range of sizes from the smallest to the largest possible based on the resolution of the image.  Note: Most images can be printed as large as 3-4 ft wide.  Some panoramas are available at sizes as large as 20 ft long.

Mediums Available:

I typically encourage customers to order wrapped canvas prints as I prefer them personally.  All images are also available on high gloss photo paper and metallic paper.  Other special requests outside of these options may be arranged.

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