Tim Jewell: Engaging Our Empathy

Tim Jewell: Engaging Our Empathy “You gotta watch out for the cops smoking out here,” Tim Jewell says, leaning back against the wooden bench outside the Bozeman Public Library as he takes a second drag. Tim towers over me, but resting together on our bench outside, our shoulders nearly even up. I turn to him and ask what he means by “watching out.” He tells me that last week when he first arrived in Bozeman, he almost got picked up by the []

Sticking Out: An Attempt at Connecting with Combat Journalist Edward Girardet

Sticking Out An Attempt at Connecting with Combat Journalist Edward Girardet Some of the grandest doors of opportunity only open when you open them listlessly. When you don’t try too hard. Last year I was fortunate enough to grab morning coffee with Edward Girardet, a journalist embedded frequently in Afghanistan since the Soviet Invasion through to post-9/11 times. The night before, I attended his lecture arranged by the MSU Leadership Institute. Not only was I impressed with his talk, but I relished []

The Reality Behind the Image: Red Square, Moscow

The Reality Behind the Image Red Square, Moscow A picture stops the world in its place. It freezes a fraction of a second for eternity. And while our minds stumble with the passing of time, a picture persists. Yet its value is often overlooked and barely analyzed. The power of an image is only as strong as the attention and imagination of the viewer. We too often mistake a historical image for something less than the present reality. The more distant a []

General Wesley Clark: An Attendee’s Fiery Critique

A close professor of mine once told me that it is easy to criticize something but harder to find value in that same thing. Generally, I’m inclined to agree with him. Often, individuals employ the term “criticism” in order to disguise what they are actually doing, complaining. But sometimes, value depends upon critique, for some subjects of scrutiny remain valueless until they have been ripped to pieces by insight. Wesley Clark, a four star general who commanded Operation Allied Force in the []

Desert Night

This is my first shot completed from Arizona.  This one was taken tonight.  A plane passed overhead just before I took this []


One of my new favorites from this most recent trek through the Moab wilderness. Primeval Moab, Utah (Spring 2013)

Jefferson Memorial

After writing my senior thesis on the man, I couldn’t help feeling touched by his memorial. Jefferson MemorialJefferson Memorial, Washington DC (Winter 2013)

From The Hungary Archives

  It still amazes me when I randomly discover old photos lost in my portfolio.  I haven’t seen this one in over a year.  I figured I’d change it up and post something other than shots and articles from Moab and Washington DC this time.  Don’t worry, I still have many more Moab and DC posts coming soon. Moving Boats Budapest, Hungary (Summer 2011) I remember taking this shot on my first night in Europe on my one month/ 4000 mile adventure. []