The Leadership of Quality

The following essay is taken from a final paper I produced at the end of my Fall 2011 semester at MSU.  The paper is based on my experience as a Teacher’s Assistant for a three credit class that I originally designed for an Independent Study project in Spring 2011.  As a product of that Independent Study, I successfully implemented an introductory leadership course within the MSU Leadership Institute that was specific to  students within the MSU Greek community.  As a member of []

Why a Blog?

I continue to run into the same problem over and over.  Every time I make reference to one of my photos or essays in conversation, I find myself constantly wishing for a place to refer people to.  I either end up shuffling through hundreds of documents to unearth old papers, or thousands of photo files to find one in particular that I need to send or show. Creating this blog might be the perfect solution.  Not only can I publish my work []