Montana (Cold)

Here are some shots I have captured over the years outside Bozeman Montana.  There are too many to display without further categorization, so I have decided to display Montana photography by season.  Here is the Fall/Winter Section.  So far I’ve only posted a few winter shots, but I’ll be posting more very soon.

Buffalo Sunset

Buffalo Sunset (small)

Outside Bozeman, Montana (Winter 2010)

Ice Crystals

Ice Crystals (small)

Bohart Ranch, Montana (Winter 2010)

Elk Sunset

Elk Sunset (small)


Bozeman, Montana (Winter 2008)

Cattails In WinterCattails in Winter (small)

Bozeman, Montana (Winter 2010)

Chess Pieces

Chess pieces (small)

Near Bozeman, Montana (Winter 2008)

Taking Flight

Taking Flight (small)

Near Bozeman, Montana (Winter 2009)

Frozen Bridgers
Frozen Bridgers (small)

Bozeman, Montana (Winter 2010)


Destroyed (small)

Bozeman, Montana (Spring 2011)

High Traverse

High Traverse (small)High Traverse, Bridger Bowl, Montana (Winter 2008)

Morning Gossip

Morning Gossip

Bozeman, Montana (Winter 2009)

Icy Rush

Icy Rush (small)Near Bozeman, Montana (Winter 2010)

Icy Rush II

Icy Rush II (small)Near Bozeman, Montana (Winter 2010)

I Know Very Little Of Why

I Know Very Little Of Why (small)Bozeman, Montana (Spring 2011)


Reflections (small)

Bozeman, Montana (Winter 2008)


Icicles (small)Near Bozeman, Montana (Winter 2009)

River Bending Winter

River Bending Winter (small)Near Bozeman, Montana (Winter 2010)

Rising Over The Bridgers

Rising Over The Bridgers (small)Bozeman, Montana (Winter 2011)


Tracks (small)Bohart Ranch, Montana (Winter 2010)

Triple Tree Panorama

Triple Tree Panorama (small)Bozeman, Montana (Winter 2012)

Spring Snow Cranes

Spring Snow Cranes (small)

Bozeman, Montana (Spring 2010)

Winter Barn

Winter Barn (small)Near Bozeman, Montana (Winter 2010)

Winter By The Fence

Winter by the Fence (small)

Near Bozeman, Montana (Winter 2010)

Winter Trees

Winter Trees (small)Bozeman, Montana (Winter 2010)

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  1. Hi Dan. Beautiful photos! I work for a non-profit based out of Butte and we are hosting a Harvesting Clean Energy Conference in Helena this February. I was wondering if I could have permission to use your “Winter By the Fence” photo for the conference brochure? If so, I’d be sure to credit you and also mention this site.

  2. Beautiful photos. I’d love to visit there, very different from what I’m used to in South Florida. -Dani

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